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Bach Flower Consultations

Feeling discontented? Disconnected? Or just not yourself? A Bach Flower consultation may help! Bach Flowers are natural help for stress, anxiety or any of the emotional ups and downs that we go through.

As a registered Bach Flowers Practitioner, I help people work with what is going on in their lives and create individualized remedies that help support you in your unique experiences. Reach out to learn more or to set up a consultation. Phone and in person consults available.

Connection in the workplace

Are you realizing that you are not feeling connected with the people you spend the majority of your time with? Take a day to laugh and get to know the people you work with on a deeper level with a Core Connection retreat!

Products and Services

Curious about a Bach Flower consultation, but need more information? Please feel free to reach out! This natural stress relief is helpful and safe for kids, pets – really anyone! It is hard to work on connection with others without working on yourself as well. I am here and happy to answer any questions!

I have always been passionate about natural healing modalities and emotional health. I have spent time as a teacher, a social worker and educator of SEL and emotional heath for children and adults. After having children I knew that I wanted to help support them in a natural, safe and compassionate way as they moved through the many different experiences of human emotions. Becoming a BFRP has helped so much more than just my children now – my clients include stressed out humans in the workforce, teachers with the day to day stressors, menopausal women moving through a new chapter, and all ages of people moving through changes and ups and downs. Please let me know if I can help support you too!

I’m always happy to talk about how I can best help you. Whether it be in your work setting or in the privacy of a Bach Flower consultation.

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